PATRICK WALSH, being duly sworn, deposes and says:
1. I am a retired New York City Police Department (NYPD) sergeant. In 1997 I was
assigned to the Brooklyn South Investigations Unit (BSIU), which investigates police
related incidents that do not involve corruption or serious misconduct calling for
investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB). BSIU investigators report to the
Chief of IAB.
2. In the early morning hours of Friday August 15, 1997, I and my partner, Sgt. Richard
Tully were at the 70th Precinct stationhouse to investigate the shooting of a dog by a
police officer. At some point during this time, Sgt. Tully and I met with Eric Turetsky,
who said that he had information about the assault of Abner Louima, an incident which
had received wide publicity during the week.
3. I then interviewed Turetsky in the 70th Precinct Commander’s Office in the presence
of Capt. Peters. The interview lasted approximately one hour. Sgt. Tully was in and out
of the office during the interview. Turetsky told me that he had seen Officer Justin Volpe
escorting Abner Louima from the direction of the bathroom and holding s stick which
Volpe hit against the wall. Inresponse to my inquiries concerning how Louima came to
be in the bathroom, Turetsky said that he saw either Officer Thomas Wiese or Charles
Schwarz walking Louima toward the bathroom, but that Turetsky could not say which
officer it was because he only saw them from the rear and Wiese and Schwarz look alike
from that position. I went over Turetsky’s observations with hime numerous times and he
repeated each time that he could not tell whether the officer he saw walking Louima
toward the bathroom was Wiese of Schwarz.
4. Following the interview, I telephoned IAB Capt. Barry Fried at his home. Captain Fried
was the IAB Commander with jurisdiction over the 70th Precinct. I did this, rather than
phone the IAB Command Center, because of the sensitivity and publicity surrounding
the Louima investigation and the . . .