PATRICK WALSH, being duly sworn, deposes and says:
. . . possibility of leaks. I related to Capt. Fried the substance of
Turetsky’s statements, and Fried indicated he would come to the
stationhouse immediately. Before Capt. Fried arrived Turetsky asked
if he could speak to his mother. I dialed the number for him. Turetsky
told his mother in my presence that he spoke to Sgt. Walsh and Sgt.
Walsh said that he, Turetsky, had done the right thing and that every-
thing would be okay. Within a half-hour to 45 minutes Capt. Fried
arrived with Lt. John Polovoy, also of IAB and another sergeant from
IAB, whose name I do not remember.
5. I briefed Capt. Fried in detail about Turetsky’s statements. Fried
indicated he would be taking Turetsky to an undisclosed location. I
told Fried that I would “write up” the interview and send him a report,
but he told me not to do so, and I complied.
6. During the following days I learned that Schwarz was arrested and
that  Turetsky had directly implicated him in the bathroom assault of
7. Approximately two weeks later, I was visited at the BSIU office by Lt.
Polovoy . He asked me whether, when I interviewed Turetsky, he had
indicated  who took Louima to the bathroom. I told Polovoy that Turetsky
had said it was either Wiese or Schwarz but that he could not tell which
8. I was never thereafter contacted by any IAB investigators, federal
investigators, or other officials, although I had expected to be. When I
spoke about this to various people inside the NYPD, they advised me to
stay out of the matter or I wouuld be inviting trouble for myself.
Regreteably, I followed that advise.
Sworn on, 26th day April 2001